1. What is the Grumbler?

      The Grumbler is a proprietary air tight storage + grinder combination container. It is a portable storage solution for traveling with your herb and herb accessories. Patent approved July 2017.

    2. What does the Grumbler do?

      The Grumbler provides simple and functional smell proof storage of herb and herb accessories including a med bottle, pipe, lighter, rolling papers, and pre-rolls.

    3. What makes the Grumbler special?
      The Grumbler offers maximum utility in a compact space. At 5.5 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter, the Grumbler is slightly larger than a 12 oz. soda can and can fit in most cup holders. Along with storage, the Grumbler includes:
      • A detachable grinder
      • A pre-roll protector/funnel that prevents your pre-rolls from being crushed by your herb accessories and doubles as a grinds funnel for pre-roll making
      • Separate, smell proof storage for herb grinds

      The Grumbler is impact and water resistant IP67 to protect your herb and accessories from accidental drops, spills, and being crushed during travel.

    4. What is the Grumbler made of?
      The main storage body of the Grumbler is made out of impact and scratch resistant ABS plastic. The grinder and pre-roll protector are made from highly durable polycarbonate (same material used to make the cockpit canopy of the F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet) to ensure a quality grind for thousands of uses. THE GRUMBLER IS MADE IN THE USA.


  1. To grind, place small pieces of herb between inner teeth on bottom grinder. DO NOT put herb in center joint. Combine grinder top and rotate. For best use, avoid grinding stems and seeds.
  2. Before opening grinder, firmly tap the top to dislodge grinds from top lid.
  3. Grinds can be stored separately in bottom Grumbler lid compartment.
  4. To store accessories, follow Suggested Order for Storage. DO NOT OVERPACK. DO NOT store anything taller than or above the pre-roll protector. (note to Tom: pic attached to email)
  5. Seal firmly to create smell proof and water resistant seal. DO NOT OVER-SEAL or it will be difficult to remove lids.
  6. BEFORE OPENING, firmly tap bottom of Grumbler to ensure contents do not jam against top lid.
  7. While opening, pull lid away from Grumbler.
  8. DO NOT leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  9. NOT dishwasher safe.
  10. With proper care the Grumbler will last a lifetime.
  11. Please medicate responsibly.


How to Activate Child Resistant Seal:

1. Rotate top lid a half turn (180 degrees) clockwise.

2. Pull lid up / away from Grumbler and continue to rotate clockwise until lid is snug and stops rotating. Do not over tighten or lid will be difficult to remove.

3. Child resistant seal is now activated. Main Grumbler storage is now child resistant for children up to ages 7.

4. To deactivate seal and open main Grumbler storage, pull top lid up / away from Grumbler and rotate counter-clockwise.

The Perfect Grumbler Companion

Below you will find simple instructions for constructing a highly effective DO-IT-YOURSELF PRE-ROLL/PIPE POKER. This is a perfect companion tool for your Grumbler.


1 standard sized steel paper clip (Standard size is a perfect fit for packing pre-rolls. Non-coated works best to avoid any coating flaking off onto your herb.)


1. Bend the Costello Point away from the Da Vinci Line so that the Da Vinci Line and Bison’s Straight become aligned with each other.

Figure 1

2. Congratulations! You have constructed your very own PIPE/PRE-ROLL POKER for use with your Grumbler.

Figure 2

3. The rounded end is perfect for packing pre-rolls while the Costello Point can be used to poke through clogs.

Figure 3

4. Use the rounded end to rake herb grinds from your detachable grinder and grinds funnel.

Figure 4

5. Use the rounded end as a roach clip.

Figure 5

6. Clip your POKER to your pre-roll protector for easy convenient storage.

Figure 6